7 decembrie 2012

Moș Nicolae a devenit și ”digital”!

Moș Nicolae este sărbătorit în multe religii ca un bun prieten al copiilor, care ca bun ce este le aduce daruri, dar lasă și un băț dacă nu sunt cuminți. Am trăit această feerie și când eram copil, apoi ca părinte, dar nu credeam să o văd și adaptată la lumea digitală!
Neelie Kroes, Vice Președinte a Comisiei Europene și promotoare a Agendei Digitale pentru Europa a publicat pe blogul propriu o poezie plină de farmec ... digital!

Have you been a digital angel?

December 5th, 2012
|Today a “guest blog” from a very special, topical contributor. (For a full biography, see here!)
For many years now, I have had
The task of sorting good from bad
To tell the little girls and boys
Which get punished, which get toys

But this year I have changed my style
I’ve noticed for a little while
That more and more you’re out of sight
Using broadband night after night
So now I’ve realised that it’s time
Sinterklaas himself is going online
These days, you see, it just won’t do
To post a message up the flue
So now you can just send a tweet
To @SinterKlaas or @ZwartePiet

From now on all you do online
Each site you visit, email you sign
Will decide if you go in Piet’s sack

Even if you asked for “do not track”…
So beware: online bullies, fraudsters, trolls
Piet and I will take your mortal souls
And off to Spain we’ll all be homing

(But at least you’ll save on the mobile roaming)
But never fear! If you’ve been good
You’ll get a present like you should

So: did you choose safe passwords? Go open source?
Help your neighbour do an online course?
Did you crowdsource solutions? Were your efforts tireless
To invest in broadband (fixed and wireless)?
Did you Skype your gran? Use open data?
Been an entrepreneur or innovator?

Such digital angels have nothing to fear
For the rest of you: there’s always next year

- “Sinterklaas”

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